Principal Investigators: Brendesha Tynes, Robert Rueda

Research Associates: Ann Kim, Josh Schuschke, Vanessa Vongkullksn, Jessica Lee

The Digital Equity Project (DEP) explores how mobile devices are used to enhance academic and socio-emotional outcomes for underrepresented youth. Guided by an ecological framework (e.g., Bronfenbrenner, 1993), which stresses the importance of contexts (family, peer, school, internet) in shaping developmental outcomes, the study also focuses on cultural resources and strengths that children and adolescents bring to blended learning environments. Using a multiple case study design data will be collected in K-12 urban classrooms in the West and Midwest. Specific foci include pedagogical strategies used to support academic and socio-emotional learning, the ways mobile devices may enhance critical, computational and design thinking as well as the cultural resources youth possess that enhance learning.